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Holiday with us in Sarawak, Borneo - we live here and know the place. We can offer a full two week holiday, inclusive of all travel and meals,  for under £1000 ! Meanwhile  Click on the photos below to get a glimpse of Borneo .............

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All inclusive deals:

Sarawak 14 days from £430 Euro(€) 620     including:-

        Full Board Accommodation

        Private en-suite room

        Magical Mulu tour (3 days)

        Guides and Entrance fees

        All transfers and transport in Borneo

(add international airfare from London at £560)

"TreeTops" tourist lodge is  just outside Miri, Sarawak, on a hill at the edge of the jungle and yet only a few minutes from the seaside. A good quiet homebase for your stay in Sarawak. With all local Kayan and Iban staff at the Lodge, you can be assured of a truly authentic start to your holiday.

 Book a private en-suite air-conditioned room at "TreeTops"  Miri, from £15 ($25) a night     <-- click here

Although Miri itself does not feature much in the Tourist Guides ("Lonely Planet" etc.,) it is rapidly expanding its Tourist facilities and appeal and is a very central and typical small town base for all of Borneo. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, is just a cheap 40 minute flight away and Kuching, the capital, an hour away.

Sarawak is most famous for its longhouses and rainforest and a taste of a world that has hardly changed since time began. Add to this the friendliest people and some of the tastiest food in the world and it makes a largely undiscovered holiday haven!  

We can organise all or just part of your visit. With both English management and local involvement, a knowledge of French, German, English, Malay, Iban, Kayan and even a little of 5 other languages, our team is always ready to help with your plans. Whatever your choice of travel, you can be sure we will be there waiting to meet you at journey's end and to arrange any further tours or adventures you decide to undertake! 

Mulu Park  -  3 days at the National Park

Mulu Resort (4-star)  -  2 nights of luxury high up in the jungle!

Bario    - visit the land that time forgot!

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 Northern Borneo offers an exciting range of holiday tours - from the wildlife on the Kinabatangan River to the coral islands off Kinabalu in Sabah and the inland jungles and longhouses of Sarawak to the majestic caves of Mulu and Niah; after a long journey and arriving with little idea of the language and climate, you will find it reassuring to have things organised for you in advance.

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Aussie/NZ Stopover Special: One week in Borneo (ex Singapore or KL) for £350 (AUD $870) including flights !   

    (English Host - Local Guides)       

"We support Eco-tourism !"

"If tourism is to be sustainable, it must preserve the attractions and uniqueness that draw people to an area.  By linking education about the environment with simple and minimal travel needs, ecotourism can help protect environments and provide economic incentives to local people to preserve their natural resources. 

For this to happen, tourism should have a minimal impact.  It should use local people and products while most of the money generated should remain within the local community.  Tourism activities that degrade the environment adversely, affect the local community or fail to return worthwhile economic benefits to the local community are not sustainable in the long-term." 

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